Teak: Excellent Physical Properties

Teak is in general a well-known kind of wood due to its excellent physical properties, such as resistance, color, and handiness. It’s also valued for its productivity and ecological resistance.

When used as round log the basic treatment consists in stripping the bark then sanding it, fumigating it, and finally varnishing it. Drying stage is also important in the wood preparation process.

Teak wood is frequently used in naval constructions.

It’s ideal for this type of use due to its remarkable resistance against environmental agents such as sun exposure, salty residue, humidity, and sea insects.

Other constructions where teak wood is generally used are those in which the wood is in direct contact with the sea or sweet water, such as vessels, bridges, docks, sluice gates, rolls, etc.

In addition, teak wood is highly recommended in the construction of houses, sheds, gazebos, etc., where it can be used as round log for columns and beams.

Teak’s round logs can be used in handrails, fences, and gates, with excellent results in terms of resistance and esthetics.

Teak Garden Furniture

Moreover, this wood is generally used for different types of garden furniture thanks to its resistance in the open.

It is valued by interior furniture makers too. The growing rings in the heartwood give the wood a special feature, which together with a fine finishing make great quality furniture.

Other uses of teak wood are lampposts, wall panels, boxes, and railroad ties.

Thanks to teak wood’s high resistance to chemicals, it is ideal for countertop of kitchens and laboratories, as well as sinks, tubs, tanks, barrels, and smoke pipes for chemical plants.

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