Wood Characteristics

Information about Wood Characteristics: Lumber Defects.


It normally belongs to the trunk extreme located near the wood that’s in developing process. It considerably reduces the quality of this material.


The separation of wood fibers, whose depth does not cross a piece lumber, diminishing the strength of wood. They are caused by stresses in the wood, taking origin in the tree, felling and transport, drying, or sawing.

Blue Stain

Bluish, sometimes called blue spot, and mold are caused by the fungus that grows vigorously on freshly cut logs and lumber, sometimes resulting in an unsightly discoloration.


They are holes of various sizes and forms normally caused by the detachment of a dead knot.


It’s the area of woody tissue resultant of the trail of a brunch growth. It is presented like a knot or dead knot.


It’s the interior part of the trunk. It can be classified as firm pith, without material loss, or chambered pith, with material loss.

Resin Pocket

Cavities formed between the rings, full with resin, generally formed in a long shape. They can produce less resistance or lack of adherence in the rings.


Abnormal tissue development that connects the pith with the aciculars; it’s presented like: a white hardly visible spot, a clearly visible brown spot, and a visible spot with material loss.

Bad Planing

(Hit & Miss)
It is the surface of the piece that doesn’t get totally extracted when planning the material, because it has a lesser dimension, so it can have a good surface quality.

Bird Eyes

A common decorative feature in hard maple, and to a lesser degree in some other species. The figure is due to the small conical depressions in the outer annual rings, so that the most recent growth follows the same contour probably for many years.

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