Rauli Wood

Technical data and general information of Rauli Wood.

Rauli Wood Description

This species is not pure forests, grows coigüe associated with oak, mañío, Ulmo and other minor species. However, a second-growth forest regrowth pure. The evergreen beech tree is a great development, and can reach heights of 50 meters and 2 meters in diameter. It regenerates easily and is one of the most species fast growth in the Chilean native forests.

It has unisexual flowers located in the same tree, male flowers and flowers simple 3 female flowers on inflorescences. The fruit is formed by 3 nuts surrounded by woody semi dome.

Rauli Tree
Rauli Tree

Taxonomic Classification

Scientific Name:
Nothofagus Alpina



Chilean Name:

Habitat of Rauli Trees

The raulí is a species that grows in Chile in the southern province of Curicó, in the Maule region to the region of Los Ríos. It is among the 100 meters at its southern limit to 500 feet above the sea in the mountains both Nahuelbuta and Los Andes, mainly in southern exposure.

It is adapted to low temperatures and is resistant to wind.

Rauli Wood Properties

Color Bright Pinkish
Growth Ring Moderately Notorious
Texture Fine
Odor Slightly Resinous
Nominal Density 550 kg/m 3
Contraction From the green state at 0% moisture content

Uses or Applications of Rauli Wood

Rauli Wood is used in the Manufacture of:

Its application is very varied furniture and all kinds of buildings, doors, shingles, plates, carvings, boats, turning, crafts and others, why for which has been intensively exploited.

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