Oak Wood

Technical data and general information of Oak Wood.

Oak Wood Description

Oak is a monoecious tree up to 40 m high and up to 2 m in diameter. Straight trunk cylindrical and free of branches to a considerable height. Loses its leaves in autumn. kind of growth medium, age 60 to 80 years operation. Its male flowers are solitary, with numerous stamens. It has 3 female inflorescences with flowers. The fruit is formed by 3 winged nuts, almost 6 inches long.

Oak Tree
Oak Tree

Taxonomic Classification

Scientific Name:
Nothofagus Obliqua



Chilean Name:

Habitat of Oak Trees

The oak is a tree native to Chile, which is from the province of Colchagua (VI Region), to the province of Llanquihue (X Region). This species was dominant in the forests occupying the Central Valley, before enabling these lands for agriculture. Also develops in the foothills, reaching a limit of 700 m altitude. It grows well in areas where rainfall exceeds 1,500 mm year.

Oak Wood Properties

Color Reddish Brown
Growth Ring Visible Soon
Texture Fine
Odor Slightly Resinous
Nominal Density 613 kg/m 3
Volumetric 13%
Permeability Difficult to Treat

Uses or Applications of Oak Wood

Oak Wood is used in the Manufacture of:

It is used in structures buildings and bridges, railway sleepers, lighting poles, stakes for fences, structures and decks of ships, carpentry and joinery.

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