Eucalyptus Nitens

Technical data and general information of Eucalyptus Nitens.

Eucalyptus Nitens Description

This species has become very important in Chile due to its excellent development, since is the fastest growing plant in the country and because it has high resistance to cold. Despite being a relatively new kind of introduction (1967) now occupied by the second in importance after Eucalyptus globulus.

In its natural state is in a very discontinuous distribution, thus offering great genetic variability.

Eucalyptus Nitens
Eucalyptus Nitens

Taxonomic Classification

Scientific Name:
Eucalyptus Nitens



Chilean Name:
Eucalipto Nitens

Habitat of Eucalyptus Nitens Trees

Develops naturally high in temperate climates, with temperatures not too high in summer and cold winters with lots of frost and snow presence in the states of Victoria and New South Wales in Australia.

In Chile it is planted in the Central Valley and Andean foothills in areas with more than 800 mm of precipitation.

Eucalyptus Nitens Properties

Color Yellowish Brown
Growth Ring Notorious
Texture Open and Interlocking Grain
Nominal Density 440 kg/m3
Contraction From the green state at 0% moisture content
Permeability Easy to process
Natural Durability Category 4, slightly durable, wood with a useful life over 5 years and less than 10.

Uses or Applications of Eucalyptus Nitens

Eucalyptus Nitens is used in the Manufacture of:

  • Mainly wood pulp

Wood Products

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