Technical data and general information of Eucalyptus Regnans.

Taxonomic Classification

Scientific Name:
Eucalyptus Regnans



Chilean Name:

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Eucalyptus Regnans Description

It is the tallest of the eucalypts. It grows between 70 and 90 meters with a straight trunk, grayish, smooth bark except in the first 5 to15 meters, which shows rough.

Its leaf are falcate (sickle-shaped) to lanceolate, 9 to 14 inches long and 1.5 to 2.5 centimeters wide, with acuminate apex and margins very smooth, light grisverdoso green with red petioles. Its flowers are clustered together between 9 to 15 and each flower is 1 inch in diameter with a ring of numerous stamens whites. Its fruit is a capsule of 5 to 9 mm long and 4 to 7 millimeters wide.

Habitat of Eucalyptus Regnans Trees

Found in cool mountainous areas above 1,000 meters above sea level deep soil with high rainfall, ie, more than 1,200 millimeters per year. It grows very Faster, more than 1 meter per year, reaching 65 meters in 50 years, and an average life 400 years. Fallen logs continue supporting a rich variety of forms living for several centuries in the forest floor.

Eucalyptus Regnans Properties

Property Description
Color Pale Blonde
Knots No knots
Growth ring Notorious
Fiber Right, except close to the bone rings
Texture Fibrous
Nominal Density About 680 kg/m³

Uses or Applications of Eucalyptus Regnans

Use of Eucalyptus RegnansEucalyptus Regnans is used in the Manufacture of:

It is used primarily for do planks and beams, and particles produce “wood agglomerated”.