The scientist Burkhard Seeger, Professor Emeritus of the Chemistry Faculty at Universidad de Concepción de Chile, has created a non toxic product which being treated in wood prevents it from burning and rotting, and protects it from the termite attack.

Treated Wood Thanks to these virtues, the product is being used already in the construction of houses, terraces, stairs and organic vineyards posts, among others.

Pacific Forest met Doctor Seeger to know a bit more about the advantages of the product, which is based on Boron and Silicon (BS). This has been mainly applied on Radiata Pine wood which absorbs the compound nicely, even reaching the core of the piece. This fact gives, without a doubt, a greater value to that kind of wood which is already being used in Chile for the construction of cabins, terraces, playgrounds, furniture, stairs, and fences.

Burkhard Seeger highlighted that is product is inspired in the natural process of the wood becoming a stone. “What we did with the Boron and Silicon was to accelerate the petrifaction phenomenon”, said Seeger.

He also marked the non toxic characteristic of BS, which gives it a great advantage compared to the commonly used CCA (Cooper, Chrome and Arsenic) compound. Lab tests show that the wood treated with BS resist the termites attack because they can not perforate it giving the very high solidity that the compound reaches.

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